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The "steel" gorgeous Nike Total Air Foamposite Max-Current Blue coat 2013-12-08 22:30:15 a lot of fans of Tim Hardaway in 90s some shoes on the feet of the double Nike Total Air Foamposite Max memory, this pair of shoes with a molding material and excellent cushioning technology got a lot of players of all ages inside NBA. Futuristic styling and nice wave patterns now are still a lot of shoes in the maze Tianjin, so Nike is in the last year engraved this pair of classic shoes. Recently, Nike has brought us a new color of the Nike Total Air Foamposite Max, this time it changed the old gray black style low color, with dazzling blue building, heel and midsole add ink design, that will lift up until the day of release wave.Like Patta friends will remember its earlier and retro running shoes brand Asics jointly launched GEL-Saga and GEL-Respector shoes, this time, the two sides continue to lead edge, with the popularity of shoes GEL-Lyte III as the blueprint to jointly build joint. The shoes are made of high quality suede, designed with wine, red, brown and sand color, and the simple white midsole is equipped with iconic GEL slow shock technology. The shoes will be sold on the 9 th of this month, and the interested friends may wish to act as soon as possible.Nike Kobe 9 Elite limited color matching will be on sale at 2014-02-24 21:04:00The use of Flykni material for Nike Kobe 9 Elite brought unprecedented light, strong, and in the color jordans for sale matching also broke through the traditional way. To commemorate the 9 Nike Kobe Elite re definition of basketball shoes, Nike will be in the United States on January 26th the first sale of two limited color, the collocation of black and white, black, grey, yellow fluorescent and reflective silver, only in New York local 21 Mercer and DSM NY; two shops for sale, conditional to friends hurry up. New Balance 9982014 autumn winter new color exposure 2014-02-24 21:03:43 day before foreign shoes website exposure two in the third quarter of this year the sale of for us; New Balance 998 new color. The two 998 respectively with gray and black suede shoes material constitute the main body, and with various shades of blue dotted details into orange, silver. For the time being, there is no exact date for the two colors, and friends who are interested can continue to pay attention.The young Grant Hill genius was named Jordan's successor, but who knows natural enemy but Providence, early injury kept him away from the stadium, but his shoes at the foot of the early is a classic. FILA 97 as Grant Hill's signature boots to accompany him through for a long time, primitive black Friday sale plan is scheduled to have been postponed the listing, today the official finally gave the exact message, will be officially on sale in January 26th, the color of black and white ash is simple and elegant, retro look, FILA Logo designed the original Cheap foamposites for sale plus, is not to buy a pair of experience when the boy genius feeling. Nike's Nike SB is a branch of skateboarding is popular with young people and love skateboard enthusiasts, with Halloween approaching, the brand will use a classic type of shoes Stefan Janoski modeled, bring new Halloween color camouflage. Classic canvas shoes material to build, with the color of Halloween Pumpkin logo as the ornament, the tongue is at the collocation Logo identification of the show, finally carrying Zoom identification of Air sole show. It is reported that today's back shoe has been purchased at Nike online stores and gates stores, the price of $85 U. s.dollars, interested friends must not miss.Overview of the history of shoes, only Cortez was born in 1972 and swept the world for more than 30 years Air Force 1 days before Nike shares once again for this classic launched a new design. The new selected leather and nylon crafted, respectively at the same time the use of white, blue and black as the upper main tone, finally carrying light foam midsole cushioning to create the perfect experience. 1.jpg (545.75 KB, download number: 18) download Nike Cortez new design 2017-5-13 08:42 upload 2.jpg (485.43 KB, download number: 17) download Nike Cortez new design 2017-5-13 08:43 upload 3.jpg (503.83 KB, download number: 15) download Nike Cortez new design 2017-5-13 08:43 upload 4.jpg (491.7 KB, download number: 14) download Nike Cortez cheap air jordans online new design 2017-5-13 08:43 Nike Cortez Agam 00 upload. March 15th of each year is on the protection of consumers' rights and interests Chinese; the day of this year, it is Germany CeBIT Hannover international electronics exhibition, many volunteers for overseas market China brand manufacturers set up booths here. However, during the exhibition, many exhibitors from Germany China police search, a large number of MP3 exhibits were seized, and even some publicity posters ripped down; cause this event in a Italy patent agency to the local police report related products suspected of patent infringement. The original brand show with vigour and vitality ultimately miserably, China enterprises suffered heavy losses: not only the investment boondoggle, more serious damage to the brand image.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; On Monday, the German Football Association announced that it will extend the primary sponsorship deal with Adidas until 2018. Cooperation between the two has been more than 50 years, but because of Nike's strong intervention, making the negotiations quite difficult. Finally successful renewal, the German Football League and have expressed dissatisfaction. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas joined forces with the German Football Association, who helped the German team won the World Cup three times and the European Cup three times. According to the terms of the new sponsor, Adidas will continue as the German Football Association Cheap air jordans for sale sporting goods sponsor, providing German men and women at all levels of the national team training, competition and leisure apparel. Adidas from the date of signing, the current sponsor of the annual amount of 11 million euros to 2,000 million euros. From 2011 onwards, the sponsorship fee will increase to 25 million euros per year. Adidas contract also means the German Football Association abandoned Nike out of the conditions, namely cooperation 8 years from 2011 onwards, the total sponsorship amount up to 450 million euros, plus 50 million euros for the development of women's football. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Once Nike can contract with the German Football Association, the Bundesliga second division club you can get 18% of the total sponsorship fee of about 81 million euros. The contract with Adidas makes earnings significantly reduce various professional clubs, a total of only 37 million euros. Therefore, three representatives from the professional league contract with Adidas are all voted against, but the Football Association eventually to 6 votes to 3 by the renewal decision. Adidas hold the position, means that the company in Germany, more than 3,000 jobs have been protected. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Dr. newly elected to the Football Association professional league main Xilaobaer contract with Adidas was unhappy, he believes the Football Association must give a reasonable explanation. Nike Leader Hoyt German Football Associat cheap jordans ion also expressed considerable dissatisfaction with the practice, saying it is & nbsp "the biggest loss in the history of German football, the biggest victim is a German football."; & Nbsp; & nbsp; However, the German Football Federation president Zwanziger said he will not accept outside criticism, "I do not care about public criticism, they would not accept such criticism from a worldwide perspective, sponsored by the German national team gained. fee amount is definitely one of the most. ""Chinese has" not only promote hip-hop music itself, including all the streets, such as shoes. "night where the waves?" this is perhaps many young people work more than love a joke, this is really the truth, everyone needs to live more happy life, to release yourself, even to vent their. see a film, a drink wine, Di, or two voice roar. The most popular way of life, the trend today is to follow the table gathering in crowds and groups, MC, together with the "dry"! "Sink together"! "Fall together"...... yes, sometimes we need to keep a "sober", to ease the pressure. "China" hip hop has therefore become the most popular IP variety show, is still the show, can be related to the Rap! Rap, the average person will not easily touch the field. Once debut caused a huge sensation, some people happy, there will be disgust, some people say that Hip-Hop is Hip-Hop, how could the laughing? Rap rap is just a kind of Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop on behalf of the new jordans shoes for sale street culture of several branches, how can Rap and Hip-Hop will be confused? Hip-Hop includes not only rap music and hip-hop, graffiti, and even shoes all streetball, culture, so many people are concerned about the players are singing what? And the shoe lovers, will take care of every period of rappa were all wearing what, only including shoes, in order to truly understand the "Chinese" hip hop has ah. first we must talk about the judges, especially where you sir, from the first phase of "you freestyle", this sentence is a verse, Wu Yifan will also be pushed to the hot list, many rappa think Wu Yifan unworthy as a producer, because his music is not the root of hip-hop, he is "Street", is not "underground", he is a trainee, but after a few period for Wu Yifan music understanding so that we have a new understanding of his music without borders, so Wu Yifanzhen still has a few brushes. said the shoes, although before is Adidas Originals's spokesperson, but Kris is really love Air Jordan, even greater than the "coconut", we see he wore several times Air Jordan 1 OG High "Royal", there is a period of actually wearing a Air Jordan 2 Low "Chicago", this pair of market may it be less than 1000 of the popular shoes, showing that he is love AJ. Pan Shuai is amiable and easy of approach for everyone to see, actually in order to change the players. As the lead character of Chinese rap, Pan Shuai is also the producer of There is abundant cheap air jordans evidence. Can't change a pair of sunglasses after his big boy. Through the program can see that Wilber is really love "coconut", has been.At the end of this year, Air Jordan 11 has been the subject of attention before, had exposed the various versions, and now has determined this pair of new color Air Jordan 11 will be on sale. this pair of pure red Air Jordan 11 and "Muskmelon" Anthony's exclusive PE very similar, with red leather and cloth making shoes, collocation of white midsole and outsole blue crystal, the overall effect is quite amazing. The black lining with a special texture, texture. Followed by Jumpman Logo and classic digital "23" with white sewing. In 2015 was exposed in the Air Jordan 11 "Gym Red", will be on sale in December this year, the sale price of $$220. in addition, before Leonard had exposed foot white and blue color Air Jordan 11, will be at the end of this year will be on sale, is offering two Air Jordan 11? and two are for the new color, which one do you love more? Or two are to come into?Penny Hardaway Nike confirmed will launch Nike Air Penny 6 2014-05-06 22:42:43 Nike Air Penny 6 to come! Penny Hardaway confirm that this shoe is designed them. There is no image exposure, but you can guess what shoes fans Nike Air Penny 6 what material will be used to build it? Continued use of Foam material or leather material return? We are looking forward to what kind of configuration? NikeBasketball recently to introduce the city to suit Hyperdunk 2015 launch, the more welcomed by everyone it was undoubtedly the Beijing limited money! But this is also a good double Paris defining color! Uppers understated gray rendering, similar patterns Swoosh Quai54 named its sense of the city, and the words PAR heel is the perfect interpretation of the theme. It is reported that this has landed NikeBasketball shops selling shoes, and interested friends might concern you. Samba Sheng "brilliant" 2014-02-24 21:04:04 belong to this summer about a football event, it is a feast on the color. Football came to the mysterious kingdom, all eyes will converge in the magical world of Latin America. through the color of dreams and heritage symbol timeless and classic Adidas soccer shoes, naturally when belonging to Copa Mundial, this pair was born in 1982 in black and white classic today still quite a lot with the legendary charm. Known as the world's best-selling soccer shoes on, numerous record sales miracle soccer shoes. Spain World Cup starting in 1982, 32 years after a World Cup when they came to the Copa & nbsp; Mundial still blooming belonging to the classic and timeless unique flavor. Tradition of quality workmanship has undergone a subtle change at the moment about color, about to open the mysterious kingdom of football feast, natural and ultimately the color of participation. A change in the past timeless classic black and white, into the future in relation to dream, crossing over the pitch, heritage timeless classic. From that moment dominated history return to the real life of a pair of shoes for our side is concerned, it may only belong to a specific time period. With the rapid development of the times, constantly updated shoes, clear up once belonging to a particular product always follow the times fade time peak position becomes mind memory of that wonderful moment. But when we look away to look at this on and when the eternal black and white is not difficult to find 32 years ago, it does not just stop at that moment, but after a moment of eternal beauty of achievement. Top pitch purest classic and timeless black and white will be a very profound definition, Copa Mundial is more like a witness to the historical development of permanent standing in the river in the elderly. Forever changing world, from that moment on, dominate history. authentic mystery cloak This may be a challenge to the traditional, but also for the traditional inheritance and development. For Copa & nbsp; Mundial, the black and white coat must be iconic. To greet the arrival of Brazil World Cup this summer, with five bright colors re-dress Copa Mundial, a change in the past, in the form of authentic, 12 spikes, natural leather, excellent craftsmanship. Coupled with pink, purple, blue, orange, green, multicolored coat. It's like a strong visual challenge, not just for the eye of the shock crossing instant classic moments from the documentary to have unlimited color of the modern era. With color at this point deduction for a dream heritage. Classic and pure perpetual The new colored Copa Mundial, in the advent of this remarkable World Cup year, selected in line with the characteristics of the Brazilian National dazzling colors, while maintaining the original to be well-dressed. In the remainder of taste sneakers evoke more of a quest for history, this pair of Adidas founder Adi & middot; Dassler's last masterpiece, put on new clothes, along with samba dancing together melody, tradition has eternal Copa Mundial with the soul dominate the pitch, always fascinating. The new Air Jordan 4 "Eminem" exposed 2015-08-06 13:35:21 Today, a network of information leaked a heavyweight, a pair of the new Air Jordan 4 "Eminem" quietly appeared Network! Everyone still indulge in a pair of blue when the brand is timely for him to create a new color, the designer to create a pure black overall, details the use of silver and white, cloth shoes are even more so Its full of texture. Earlier online auctions through a pair of Air & nbsp; Jordan 4 "Eminem" blue version, the final price of nearly $ 4W, far beyond the scope of Sneaker able to withstand, if one day this double black version is also put into words auction site I believe the high price will definitely not low ah. & nbsp;

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